Teacup Yorkshire Terrier

The Teacup Yorkshire Terrier is not a specialized strain of the breed, but is merely an especially small specimen of it. The Teacup Yorkshire Terrier is born of a naturally occurring birth defect which happens to about 1 puppy per three litters. This defect is seldom as severe as dwarfism, but is likened more toward the runt factor. This factor can be forced out of the breed, and has been by some of less ethical breeders in the world. Following fashion trends, and with little regard to the overall health and quality of life offered these dogs, irresponsible breeders will cross runts with runts with runts, in hopes of creating a higher number of smaller, or teacup, Yorkshire Terriers.

Firmly accredited breeders, those with a steadfast respect for, and duty to, this marvelous breed, will spay or neuter the runts of their litters, and either keep them as pets or sell them as pets to those who understand the possible health issues that this tiny version is prone to. The sad fact is, as with any birth defect, these tiny babies have a great deal harder life ahead of them than do their brothers and sisters of standard size. Lungs, digestive functions, muscle and bone structures, and developmental issues are common with teacup Yorkshire Terriers, the likes of which make the fact that he can fit inside of a teacup seem trivial and shallow.

Seeking out and devoting yourself to a teacup Yorkshire Terrier does not make you an irresponsible person, but it is important that you understand the facts behind this little phenomenon, and also that you do not promote the irresponsible behavior of “fashion breeders.” Naturally occurring teacups happen often enough, and putting your name on a waiting list for a neutered or spayed teacup from an established and caring breeder is definitely worth the effort.

Aside for the predominant health issues of the teacup Yorkshire Terrier, you will find that he is absolutely abounding with energy, personality, and a true vigor for life and affection. Healthy teacups resemble closely the actions and traits of their sturdier counterparts, and you he will assuredly be the light of your life. Not much bigger than a rat himself, this bitty pooch will not be able to hunt much, but his curious nature and vivacious hunger for stimulation will make for some good playtime with the sock on the floor in the living room.

Yorkshire Terriers, those of both sexes, are notorious for scenting, which is a polite way of saying that they like to pee on every new scent which enters their territory. This is instinctual and is not intended as disrespectful, but he feels he must make clear on his points. He has spent a good chunk of time getting things just as he wants them, and foreign smells, such as your guest’s shoes placed by the door, make him uncomfortable. He needs to be able to smell prey and danger, and this new odor serves as a deterrent to his life’s mission. Good luck!