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A Short Brief On The 27 Terrier Breeds

The terrier breeds make up their own show grouping in both the Westminster and American Kennel Club registries. They can be as different as water from rock, but all are born of the same energy and zest for life that are trademarks of this family. From the small but robust Cairn to the large but agile Airedale, the terrier family has something to offer just about any canine enthusiast who is need of the most loyal companion. Terrier breeds range also by region, as countries from Australia to America to Ireland found something intriguing enough about the terrier to have a go at creating one specific for their regional needs.

The Airedale, being the tallest and most physically imposing of the terrier breeds; he was bred to defend fields, yards, and buildings from large scavengers, and also in the hunting fields for the chase of large game. Over the past 400 years, he has evolved into what many owners would describe as the most loyal, steadfast, intelligent, and protective companion. He tends human children as if they sprung from his very heart, and he is deeply intuitive to dangerous or stressful situations. He is well loved in the show ring as well, with a large number of best in show awards for both the English and American rings.

The smallest, in size alone, of the terrier breeds include the smooth and wire haired fox terriers, the Norwich, the Norfolk, the Manchester, the Dandie Dinmont, and the Australian terriers. These terrier breeds vary in weight, height, and coat textures, but are considered among the smallest in stature.

Their scant size, however, is in no way intended to belittle the enormous personalities and charms of these dogs, as they are often accused of being “large dogs trapped in tiny bodies.” Every bit as tenacious a hunter as their very large cousin is, they are a force to be reckoned with in the energy department. Be ready to get plenty of mental and physical exercise should you decide to run around after these small wonders.

Our remaining terrier breeds are arranged in no particular order, and are as follows: the American Staffordshire, the border, the Bedlington, the bull, the Glen of Amaal, the Irish, the Kerry Blue, the Lakeland, the miniature bull, the miniature schnauzer, the Parson Russell, the Scottish, the Sealeyham, the Skye, the soft coated wheaten, the Staffordshire Bull, the Welch, and the West Highland White. Most terrier breeds are expected to adorn a wire haired coat, unless otherwise specified by either name or breed standard. Whichever terrier you choose, you will do well to remember that a good terrier owner is always prepared with a higher amount of determination and stamina than that of the dog. Good luck accomplishing this sizable feat!