Terrier Characteristics

Some Fascinating Terrier Characteristics

Distinct and charming terrier characteristics abound with these lively creatures, some showing themselves in small, silky coats, and others bobbing about with tall, stout postures and brave, inquisitive expressions. Most terriers were bred for hunting to the ground, but not as the familiar scent hounds do. Beagles and bloodhounds were born to track the scents of game that has already passed through, sometimes days before. He then follows the cold trail until the scent is warm again, and bays louder and more frequently as he closes in. Terrier characteristics differ in that they are hot hunters, who are designed with the speed, stamina, and tenacity to actually give chase, run down, and overcome their targets.

Terrier characteristics include depth of instinct, happy-go-lucky energy, potential tenacity, natural curiosity, love of adventure, and great intelligence. Owners of the comical and all too determined Jack Russell Terrier will attest to his keen ability to manipulate them, almost keeping them trained rather than vise versa. The Airedale Terrier, on the opposite end of the spectrum, is among the most desirable family dogs in the world. He is almost maternal in the treatment of all children, and even takes on the quieting of his own household’s little ones without being asked. He carries with him all of the most dynamic terrier characteristics, but stands out above the crowd with his Maltese-like affection and adoration of his people.

Most terriers are expected to have a flat upper base to the skull, though snout lengths vary greatly from breed to breed. The terrier group is made up of the 27 breeds that are currently registered and recognized by Westminster and the American Kennel Club. Their popularity with the adoring public never falters, and it is reported that Jack Russell Terriers were on waiting lists after our introduction to the wonderful and unassuming “Eddie” during the pilot season of Frasier.

It is difficult not to be taken immediately in by these highly intelligent, agile, comical, and lively dogs. Lest you should be easily swayed into an uninformed decision about owning one, there are a few more terrier characteristics you might want to know.

The terrier is a hunter, and much like the adorable and loveable beagle, he can and will find trouble almost instantly. He cannot be left to roam the fields alone, no matter how much land you have, because the bigger the space, the greater the sense of adventure for your little warrior. He does not know fear, and he will never learn fear. It is not recommended that corporal punishment by used on any dog, but one must never dream of hitting a terrier. This would scar your relationship deeply, and he may never trust you again.