Wire Haired Terrier

There are many wire haired terriers, technically, and this leads us to a rather frustrating end. Unless, of course, one were to whittle down through each of the 27 distinct terrier breeds and decipher the code. There is only one wire haired terrier that actually has the word “wire” incorporated in his name. Though it may peeve a few of our other favorite little tufted dogs, such as the schnauzer and the Yorkshire, the only wire haired terrier called by this name is the wire fox terrier. He’s our guy in this case.

The wire fox terrier is, well, how shall I say, alert. Everything about his demeanor and body carriage denotes that he is at the ready on split second notice. Sometimes confused for being hyper, the wire haired terrier often appears as if his skin is the only thing holding him back from running around the world and conquering Mount Everest. He is to be built of the finest tone and conformation, standing with his forelegs forward and his rear legs rearward in an attention stance for examination. He is not allows to be leggy, nor short of leg, and his height at the withers is not to be greater than 15 ½ inches. According to the American Kennel Club, show dogs who also work in their field of expertise are not to be discriminated against for having surface scars. If the wire haired terrier has free, fluid, and uninhibited movement of all of his parts, he can proudly bare his hard earned scars into the show ring for his admiring public to see.

Another common reaction to the personality of the wire haired terrier is utter disbelief at his insanely cocky and tip of the toes antics. He can be astoundingly hilarious, if not a bit obnoxiously aggressive at the sight of a strange dog. He descended centuries ago from an ancient black and tan breed whose purpose was the ground hunt of fox, flushing them from brush and burrow for their horse master’s sport. The wire fox terrier is the exact replica of the smooth fox terrier, and these two breeds have only been separated into their own categories for about 100 years.

If you feel that you may be able to work or train the over excess of indelible energy from this little powerhouse, you might want to rethink your strategy. He is, after all, a terrier by blood, and one who decides to enter into an agreement with him must take him for what he is. An absolutely spastic clown, but a beloved and loyal friend. A spoiled rotten baby one minute, a viciously indignant protector and defender on a dime.