Jack Russell Terrier

Your Jack Russell Terrier, or any one of them you may fall instantly in love with, sees the world as his very own. He is independent, unless he can’t reach an itchy spot but he knows that you can, and he is as free spirited as a wild horse. He trots around, head held high, and gives a knowing wag to those he has allowed to enter his heart. Not to be confused with a wary dog that cannot be trusted, Jack Russell Terriers merely choose to acknowledge those they care for, and don’t feel that they need acceptance from anyone else. He has his people, and that is that.

His energy and love of adventure are almost as strong as his loyalty to his chosen family members. Jack Russell Terriers are easier to call back home while they are on a jaunt, however, than many of his cousins are. He is smart to a fault, and has his pride, so raising your voice at him rarely does other than to have you ignored. On the other hand, Jack Russell Terriers are very sensitive to being ignored by their masters, and this reverse psychology can be an invaluable training technique for this fascinating breed.

Also Known as Parsons terriers, or Parson Jack Russell’s Terriers, he has been a frontrunner for popularity in the terrier group for literally hundreds of years. He knows no fear, he has no boundaries, and he will go to ground against anything, regardless of size or distance away. He often has no tolerance fellow household dogs or other pets, unless he was raised around them. Still, this puppy doesn’t seem to realize he is a puppy, and if he makes the decision to remain tenaciously intolerant toward another creature, you will have years of trouble on your hands, or a few difficult decisions to make. He is the boss of every situation when it comes to other animals, and cannot be reasoned with should he take a disliking.

Another thing to beware of with Jack Russell Terriers is their tendency to train their masters rather than to be trained themselves. Sounds pretty preposterous to you? The most famous trait of this breed is their astute cleverness. Sure, the poodle is said to have the greatest capacity for learning, but this little terrier has the instinct it takes to manipulate and bend both situations and their potential results. He is that spiteful, childlike dog who will defecate on your freshly made bed because you left him alone. If you try to crate him to subdue this behavior, he will simply do it in front of you as soon as you let him out. He is a force to be reckoned with, but also one of the most rewarding dogs that one could hope to own once his antics have been sorted out.