Yorkshire Terrier

Not actually called the Yorkie terrier, this little powerhouse of fun and exasperation is officially named by the American Kennel Club as the Yorkshire Terrier. One of the top ten most popular breeds in the world, he is classified as a “toy”, because of his portability and the way that he tucks right into the arm of his master. He is, however, all terrier, in every sense of the word. He is unafraid, and nothing thrills him more, or intimidates him less, than a good intrigue. Unfailingly loyal and steadfastly determined, he seems to be blissfully unaware of his “teacup” status.

The Yorkie terrier has a huge, curious, and brave personality, which he uses to wiggle into your heart and into plenty of trouble. He is, despite our insistence on bathing and coddling him, a devout and natural hunting, with the heart and courage of a lion. He wants to know what that is, why it’s here, where it’s going, and how to kill it. And, to our dismay, he will not stop until his instinct has been answered. Supervised time outdoors, therefore, is his best and safest exercise options.

In his early days, he was commissioned as a rat and mouse hunter within the confines of clothing factories. He was treated well, though many tasteless jokes went around about using his silky locks in the looms. After proving himself both extremely invaluable as a hunter and exceptionably adorable as a companion, his migration into the homes of the wealthy and influential began. He quickly embodied the persona of a pampered pet, as he is very well at ease with being carried around and babied for extended periods of time. He was, however, prone to flights of rebellion when released for defecation purposes, often to the dismay of the harshly punished servant who had been entrusted to his care.

The Yorkie terrier has one acceptable coat coloring for consideration in the Westminster and American Kennel Club show standards. He must be tan and blue, sometimes referred to as blue and gold. Though he is born with a much more intense, darker shades of tan and black, and often has many intermingling black hairs in his tan areas. As he matures, however, he is to take on a steel blue color to all of his hair from the base of the neck to the tip of the tail, which should be the darkest area. His tan should be pure, free of any black, silver, or white intermingling hairs. The only exception to this rule is the possibility of one white marking on his chest, which cannot exceed 1 inch in diameter. His hair should be of a silky texture throughout, and completely straight when flowing to the ground.